Friday, November 19, 2010

Sports in 2010-2011

Sports, you gotta love it.  What a year this is shaping up to be for professional sports.  Michael Vick just came off a huge win against the Redskins in the NFL.   After McNabb signed a big contract with them, one has to question what Vick will get.  I think he'll do just fine.  Philadelphia will probably offer him something to his liking and I would be very surprised if he decides to pick up and go to another team.  When you have your best game ever, a record breaking one at that, you are not going to just pack up your things and head out the door.  It doesn't make sense.  Time will tell what's next for Vick.  I think he has done a good job turning his life around and you know the old saying.  What goes around comes around.  Of all the quarterbacks in the NFL right now, Vick is the best at the moment.  Don't be surprised if the Philadelphia Eagles head to the superbowl with the way their team is playing right now.  They have a couple of other players that just made a name for themselves as well and this should make for an interesting post season provided everyone stays healthy and on top of their game.

Another Philly related news item is that Allen Iverson just started his first season in Turkey.  There's not much to say about it.  He wants to play basketball and you have to respect that.  I am pretty sure that he's being paid nicely for his work over there.  If he makes some huge waves over there maybe someone over in the NBA will give him another shot.  Hey, it can happen.

I'm not even going to get into the whole rumor crap going on with basketball's Spurs drama.  Not my style.  Lets just say big athletes will always be getting themselves into these types of situations weather they want to or not.  The problem is it will also show up on the news and everyone will be talking about it. 

The NHL seems to be going good.  They may actually be turning things around with their fanbase.  I'm sure with the likes of Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby, they'll be gaining a ton of new fans.  You need high scoring players dominating the league.  As for the goon side of things, the always entertaining Sean Avery recently sucker punched some dude in the face.  Some things never change in hockey. 

I also can't forget about boxing.  Martinez vs. Williams 2 is coming up.  That should be a great matchup.  I thought it was the fight of the year the first time around.  I also can't sign off without mentioning Manny Pacman Pacquiao's knockout of Antonio Margarito.  Pacquiao ended up breaking Margarito's eye socket I think.  Now of course everyone is talking about Floyd Money Mayweather again.  Will this fight materialize?  Not for months in my opinion.  Hell, maybe not even for a year or two.  I hope I'm wrong about that though.  Boxing needs these two to go at it in order to keep generating interest, because MMA is growing and its growing fast.  Speaking of MMA, I saw video of Steven Seagal training some dude for a fight with Rampage Jackson I think.  It was interesting.  Let's see if this guy uses those Under Siege moves to his advantage.

That's all I have time to talk about in sports right now.  I can't wait for 2010 to wrap up.  A new year means new things.  I can see it now, sports are going to be really entertaining in 2011.