Monday, March 24, 2014

Amir Khan Is Officially Fighting Luis Collazo On The Mayweather vs. Maidana Undercard!

I don't like to brag, but if you look back at a post I did on who Amir Khan was going to fight next,  you would see that Luis Collazo was at the top of the list of my likely candidates.  Now its official.  When you think about it, it makes sense.  Luis recently dismantled Victor Ortiz in 2 rounds.  This put him all over the boxing world's radar again.  He hasn't really been making a name for himself ever since the Ricky Hatton loss in my eyes.  This is his big second shot.  How will he fair?  I'll break it down for you from my perspective as a boxing fan.

Luis has a punchers chance.  I believe he can probably hit hard enough to hurt, knockdown or possibly even knock out Amir Khan.  I think if he(Collazo) wins, you are more likely to see a repeat of the Garcia vs Khan fight that happened awhile ago.  You also have to throw in the underdog factor.  There's no doubt about it, Collazo is a huge underdog.

Who do I want to win?  Well, I love underdogs, but I am going to have to go with Amir.   Amir Khan's an exciting fighter and I would much rather see him fight Adrien Broner or Floyd Mayweather, which is what this match up here will probably lead to.  I just don't think Collazo vs. Mayweather would be interesting, although him fighting Broner is another story.  If Khan wins, I believe he will out speed Collazo and beat him to the punch every time and win on points.  I don't see him getting a knock out, maybe a stoppage by the ref though.  Amir just has to watch that chin of his.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Michael Vick Is Leaving Philly, Flying On Over To The Jets In NY

Well, the second team Vick will play for after all the dog controversy is the NY Jets.  I'm sure he has special place in his heart for Philadelphia as do the Philly fans for him.  In my opinion, he had one really great year there and they supported him when it seemed no one else would after he served his time for the whole dog fighting thing.  I'm sure he's sad to leave, but things just weren't looking up for him in recent years.  I'm sure he can help the Jets do much better than Sanchez.  I've also been reading that a one Mr. DeSean Jackson may end up over there too.  It may actually be good for the Jets to get both those guys.  I can't see them really hurting the team at this point.  I'm sure things will be better in NY after that whole Tim Tebow mess.  Hopefully they actually let Vick quarterback and not have him sit on the bench his whole time there.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sky Sports Vs. American Broadcasters: A Boxing Fan's Opinion

Boxing is no longer popular right?  That's what everyone will tell you.  Now I love it, but I think I know why some people aren't as enthusiastic about it.  When I watch American broadcasters cover a fight live, I almost fall asleep.  Yeah some get excited, but they also tend to play favorites and you can lose sight of what is actually going on.  Don't believe me?  Just look on the official Youtube channels of HBO, Showtime, ESPN etc..  Look for their boxing clips.  Now do the same for Sky Sports versions of those same fights if you can find them.  In some cases you may be able to see the same fight clips just with different voices commentating.  In my opinion, the Sky Sports broadcasters are way more exciting.  They are shouting the entire time and I honestly can't tell you the last time I suspected them of being bias.  They genuinely seem to be excited to watch the fight that they are at.  When one fighter's being pummeled I always hear, "Oh! This is surely going to be stopped!"  It's the little things like that, that set them apart.

American boxing broadcasters can take note and stop spouting with all the knowledge that they have in trying to predict the outcome to show that they were right about a fighter or match up.  That's what bores me to death.  Just enjoy the fight.  Maybe it's just the accents and the shouting, but it seems like they enjoy boxing more over in England.  If you have the chance watch a clip of a Sky Sports boxing match on Youtube and tell me they don't make you go on the edge of your seat and have your adrenaline rise.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Miguel Cotto Definitely Fighting Sergio Martínez: My Predictions

This is going to be one of the top fights of the year.  While more boxing fans will most likely watch Mayweather take on Maidana, this fight will rival it.  Cotto never disappoints when he takes on a big name and neither does Sergio.  My analysis is that Cotto is going to be the underdog in this one.  Sergio has fought at the higher weight class for much longer and Cotto has not looked too good in his last few fights and is probably towards the end of this career.  That being said, Sergio Martínez is no spring chicken and he is getting up there in age as well.  I think he's faster than Miguel and will prove difficult for him.  Other than the age, the only problem is that Martinez tends to keep his hands down a lot.  This has caused issues for him in the past, especially against Julio César Chávez, Jr.  He just narrowly escaped that fight and was nearly knocked out in the very last round.

Can Cotto win?  Possibly.  One thing is certain though, I'm banking on this being an action packed fight.  Both of these fighters are no stranger to them.  The outcome will also raise some very interesting scenarios.  Will Mayweather then fight Sergio?  Cotto is a former Mayweather opponent and discussions have been raised about Mayweather Fighting Martinez in the past.  If Cotto can do it, why can't Mayweather? 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Adrien Broner Starts His Comeback

Hey everyone, I just checked out Adrien Broner's official youtube channel and he's got a new video up.  I guess this marks the beginning of his comeback trail.  I suggest you check out the video weather you are a fan or not because there are some interesting things going on.  Broner looks different with the beard he's now sporting and he seems to look seriously motivated and I doubt he'll be taking his next fight as lightly given what happened last time with Maidana.  It strictly shows him training aside from his intro.  It has none of his usual flashy antics.

 While it's not a long video, the majority of the time he's working on the mitts.  I always thought Broner was a bit annoying, but I'm all for comebacks.  If he can bounce back and get a good win from a good opponent, he'll earn a lot of boxing fans respect and his overall net worth will increase.  I know he's fighting on the undercard of Mayweather vs Maidana, but I still think they haven't found an opponent for him yet.  Lucky for him, I don't think he'll be fighting for low purses yet, so he can still land a few names.  I'm hoping for Amir Khan, but recent statements from Amir might suggest he may not want to fight Borner for one reason or another.  I think it would be a stupid career move for Khan if he didn't though.